Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Howl of a Good Time!

Who says planning a party is not any fun?

We love planning parties!  Everything about planning a party does not have to be stressful but can be a time where you can showcase your creativity and plan things that your family and friends will be talking about for many years to come.

This year, we decided to tackle on a different kind of party and plan a Halloween Mystery Dinner.  The idea came to me one night when I looked at my list of things that I had always wanted to do and there it was...plan a mystery dinner...staring back at me in black and white.  I think I wrote the idea down about 8 years ago actually and kept saying...maybe one year I'll get to doing that.  Well, wait no more, this is the year we finally do it!

The first thing I did was call a good friend of mine and asked for her assistance in coming up with the theme of the Mystery Dinner.  We went with three to choose from:  Skeleton Crew, Witches Trio and Vampire Slayers.  We decided that this would also double as the name of the utensils the guests get to choose from.

I started with an invitation and sent them out and prayed that some people would RSVP and play along with my fun game.  The response was overwhelming and as I sit here today creating little elements to go with the party I cannot wait for the party day which is a little over a week away.

Now, today, I cannot share with you every aspect that I have done (don't want to ruin the surprise now do I?)

But I will share with you the invitations and a few other things I've created for the party that the guests already know about.  Once the party is over, I'll do a breakdown of all the planning that went into the party and how I created everything on my own and was able to decorate with inexpensive Halloween items that go along with the Theme.  Be sure to follow us so you don't miss out on this post that will be uploaded after the party!

Invitation showcasing the theme using witches, skeletons and vampires (bats)

And Because I have some picky eaters, I have come up with a Food Pass Prize that will allow the lucky recipient the chance to switch what they pick if they don't like it!

Keep coming back for more items to be uploaded!

Happy Halloween,


  1. My friends and I love mystery dinners and go all out - costumes, characters, and themed food too.
    Looking forward to your break down. The party break down, that is.

  2. AWESOME! Do you blog about your Mystery Dinners as well? I'd love to see what you'e done too :) I am really excited about the blog for the Mystery Dinner. The more I work on it the more excited I get :)